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Why Linen Bun Warmers Are Great For BBQ's Weddings and Other Summer Events

Summer is in full swing, and we’re all busy bouncing from one event to the next. Everyone looks forward to those infamous summer picnics, family reunions and BBQs and more formal events such as weddings, bridal showers and graduations. Regardless the occasion, if you’re the host (or a good person who is helping host!), there are many components to event planning that will keep you busy and constantly adding to your “to-do” list. Like many hosts, your biggest concern is most likely to make sure the food is good, guests are enjoying themselves and everything “worked out” as planned.

So what’s the one food item that will be at all summer events: bread! And what’s the most important factor to the bread we serve: it stays warm! Fabric bread basket liners (also called bun warmers) are a perfect solution to keeping your bread warm while you and your guests can focus on the most important part of your event: good food and conversation. Cloth bun warmers line your serving bowls or baskets and their four corners fold into the middle to cover the bread, keeping it nice and warm. Guests can easily grab a piece of bread with a full plate in hand by unfolding the corners. Their hassle-free nature makes them essential for events with children who will be reaching for those hot dog and hamburger buns.

Another great thing about linen bun warmers is the touch of elegance they add to any event. Whether the party is low-key or black tie, bun warmers make any meal a special occasion. They’re simple yet graceful and will be sure to enhance the ambiance of your event. They not only create an easy solution to keeping your dinner rolls warm, but they’re a decorative piece to your event and you can choose the perfect pattern to go along with your theme. Not to mention, they’re always a good conversation starter!

So cross one thing off your list and choose the best bread basket liner for your special event. Or, if you’re in search of the perfect gift for someone who likes to cook, host dinners and decorate their home, a linen bun warmer is an excellent present. Check out our bun warmers with beautiful embroidered designs and allow our products to give you that extra boost of confidence as you work hard to plan the perfect event for your guests!