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Mixing and Matching Colors: Styling Your Summer Table Runners Like a Pro

August 03, 2023 3 min read

Mixing and Matching Colors: Styling Your Summer Table Runners Like a Pro

When summer arrives, it brings with it a burst of vibrant colors and a joyful atmosphere. One of the best ways to embrace the spirit of summer and elevate your dining experience is by using summer-themed table runners. These versatile decor pieces not only protect your table but also set the stage for delightful meals and gatherings with friends and family. In this blog, we'll explore the art of mixing and matching colors to style your summer table runners like a pro. Whether you're hosting a poolside barbecue or an elegant garden party, these styling tips will help you create an inviting and visually appealing table setting.

The Power of Colors

Colors wield a profound influence on our emotions and perceptions. As summer approaches, our hearts gravitate towards vibrant hues that mirror the energy and warmth of the season. When it comes to table runners, the artful selection of color combinations can work wonders in crafting an inviting and visually stunning tablescape. From the cheerful yellows that evoke the radiance of the sun to the soothing blues that remind us of clear skies and tranquil waters, each shade can set the mood and elevate the dining experience. Embrace the power of colors and let your table runners weave a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions and memories.

Choose a Focal Point Color

Selecting a focal point color is the first step in styling your summer table runner. Consider the theme of your gathering and the ambiance you wish to create. Popular summer colors like sunny yellows, aqua blues, and lush greens evoke feelings of joy, tranquility, and nature's bounty. Once you have your focal point color, it will serve as the guiding hue for the rest of your design.

Harmonize with Complementary Colors

To elevate your table setting, embrace the magic of complementary colors that harmonize with your focal point color. Complementary colors are those that lie opposite each other on the color wheel, and they can add a delightful contrast to your decor. For instance, if your focal color is a vibrant yellow, consider pairing it with touches of cool lavender or serene aqua to achieve a balanced and visually appealing arrangement. The clever use of complementary colors will infuse your dining space with a captivating and harmonious vibe that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.


rose gold pink table runners baby blue summer table runners


Embrace Color Blocking

Step up your table decor game with the trendy and impactful technique of color blocking. This modern approach involves using large blocks of contrasting colors to make a bold statement. For your summer table runner, select two or three colors that complement each other well and create dominant blocks of color on its surface. For instance, a sophisticated combination of coral, turquoise, and ivory will infuse your dining area with a refreshing and elegant ambiance. With color blocking, you can effortlessly achieve a stylish and eye-catching look that will impress your guests and elevate your summer dining experience.


blush pink summer table runner summer table runner

Play with Patterns

Patterns can add an extra layer of interest and personality to your summer table runner. Stripes, florals, and geometric designs are popular choices for summer-themed table runners. When mixing and matching patterns, ensure that they share at least one common color to tie the whole look together. For example, pair a striped table runner in blue and white with floral dinnerware that features a hint of blue.

Don't Forget Texture

Texture plays a key role in enhancing the visual appeal of your table setting, providing a multi-dimensional experience for your guests. Opt for a table runner with subtle texture, such as a woven fabric or a delicate lace overlay, to add depth and interest to the overall look. Combining different textures, like pairing a smooth ceramic vase with a rustic burlap table runner, can infuse your summer table setting with charm and character. Embrace the power of texture to create a captivating and inviting dining space that will leave your guests delighted and impressed.


summer table runners

Keep It Simple

While mixing and matching colors can create a stunning tablescape, remember that simplicity is key. Avoid overcrowding the table with too many colors and patterns. Instead, opt for a cohesive and balanced look by selecting a few colors and patterns that work harmoniously together.


Styling your summer table runners like a pro is all about embracing the joy and vibrancy of the season. By choosing a focal point color, harmonizing with complementary colors, and experimenting with color blocking, patterns, and texture, you can create a captivating and inviting table setting for your summer gatherings.

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